About Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarapu

The journey so far

“No Pain No Gain”

At a glance

Mr. Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarapu is the CEO & Founder at Valsatech Corp, which is a leading provider of Program Management, Application Development, QA Automation Solutions, IT Consulting and Staff Augmentation. He started the company in 2008 at Virginia U.S.A and achieved a series of milestones within a relative short span. Even though he was at the top of his game, he never neglected his humanitarian conscience and made sure that he contributed to the underprivileged Indian immigrants with inferior skill sets and college drop outs whenever possible. In order to support this noble cause, he started a non profit organization, Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarapu Foundation, which caters to jobless students, trains them and improves their expertise by skill development program to help them find a job and sustain a decent career in IT.

Even though he has a busy schedule and hectic work routine, he is a complete family man. According to him, the secret of his focus and his determination is Ms. Chandra and their two lovely children Vikranth & Sasha, who never cedes to inspire and motivate him in every walks of life.

Humble beginnings

Mr. Chandra was born and brought up in Warangal in Telengana and received basic schooling from Railway School. Even though during his school days, he was an average student, he had an incredible inclination towards sports like cricket, badminton, table tennis and soccer. He completed his under-graduation from Railway Junior College with pure science as his subjects of choice. He was a born leader and portrayed just that in every sports he participated in. He was the captain of all the games for MPC group for also represented Warangal district and played AP state level Badminton championship.

He did his BSc in Computer Science from Kakatiya university and it was during this period that he rekindled with his eternal love for knowledge. His curiosity and intense focus helped him to secured 8th rank in MSc Computer science entrance test and he received gold medal for the same from Chaitanya degree college. He completed his master’s degree in Computer Science from Kakatiya University College and completed MS with distinction. In spite of his strenuous and extensive curriculum, he was very active in sports and other cultural activities. He was a member of ABVP organization and participated in various University programs and workshops.

Punching his way through resistance

Mr. Chandra landed his first job in HCL Infosystems which didn't pay him any wages for one year. There he was part of the marketing team selling PC’s, servers, participating in bidding of tenders and negotiating with customers on products purchase. It was a really hectic job, but it helped him to endow with practical management skill. Then he quit his job to pursue his career in IT. He was trained by his close friend & mentor Karthik, who trained him in Software Quality Assurance guidelines and practices. Mr. Chandra with his hard work, determination and keen eye for perfection was able to grasp it all within a week. To accomplish the most during this period he studied and practiced Software Testing on a number of tools and a spectrum of platform and slept for less than 2 hrs a day. All his hard work payed off and paved a solid road towards his bright and successful future.

Journey to the top, one step at a time

In 2005 he married his college friend Deepika who had been a motivation and driving force, during his highs and lows. After his initial stint with a few IT companies and achieving most of his goals, Mr. Chandra accompanied by his better half, finally decided to move to the land of opportunities, U.S.A. in 2007. He founded Valsatech in 2008 with a vision to encourage and bring the highly skilled professionals from India.

Bootstrapping the company within a span of 8 years, with strong will, hard word and unparalleled support from Mrs. Chandra, he has taken his company to employ more than 50 employees with a turnover of $25 Million.

Believing in KARMA

After arriving in the U.S, he was completely astounded by the secluded mindset of other NRIs. Given his attachment towards India, he thought of some initiative by which he could help out the students and youth from India by helping them acquire a good skill set and training them in the latest technologies thus exposing them to the global work culture. So Mr. Chandra initiated various skill development programs by recruiting highly qualified teachers in Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarpu Foundation . After proper training, these students are judged and given internship and job opportunities in Valsatech as well as other reputed companies in the U.S.

He has also started the Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarpu Foundation in Warangal, India, which is a 3 month program to provide good communication skills to rural students and college dropout students. Mr. Chandra always likes to keep tight coupling with all his initiatives, so he visits India every year and visits colleges & rural villages to provide career guidance for the students on personality skills, communication skills, group discussion, job interviews, emerging technologies and self-learning techniques on career building.